Finding your tank

Ways to find your septic tank:

1. Locate where the main waste line leaves the house. It will be 4 to 6 inch pipe located in a basement or crawl space that will connect underground to the septic tank line. Go outside the house to the point where you found the main waste line exiting. This is where your search should start.

2. Scan the yard for possible septic tank locations usually 10 to 20 feet from the house. Indications of possible septic tank sites include: depressions in the soil, areas of either more or less grass growth, or oddly placed stones or stakes used by builders or previous owners to mark the tank.

3. Use a metal pipe or stake several feet long, to poke the ground in the suspected septic tank location. If you cannot find the tank in this location, start probing the ground at the waste line exit point until you hit the pipe. Probe every couple of feet to find the direction the pipe is headed until you hit the tank.

4. Probe the ground around the tank until you have found the approximate edges of the tank. See diagram below to find where to dig for your tank lids.1500g-septic-lowp (1)